My Trip To San Diego

I went down to visit my family in San Diego from the 11th (well, I got there on the 13th) until the 18th and had a huge blast!
I saw a beautiful bright red sunrise on my way down. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it before. The sky was blood red and reflected onto the lake below beautifully and gave a very mysterious and romantic aura.

The night after I got there, I took my daughter and baby sis to the mall and we got Kiana's ears pierced... She wasn't happy about it, but it looks ADORABLE!

Then we went to dinner at the corvette diner, which is my favorite place to eat with my lil sis in SD, and we goofed off for awhile.

My daughter showed me she was a big girl by using the potty, hehe. Not so exciting for some, but awesome for me, lol. I couldn't believe how much she's grown up.

My mom went and got a real tree, which was freakin HUGE! Me and my sis put it up (although she did most of the work, lol) and Kiana even helped a lil bit, lol.

All in all i was a wonderful trip, and I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures!

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Mommy said...

It was sooo good to see you and to be able to actually HUG you! I don't know how we missed an opportunity to cuddle up and watch some horror flick, but we will!
I have been in prayer that you might be returned to San Diego where Mommy can help you get situated and have you close, where we can take care of each other and of Kiana, the way families should.

By the way, the Christmas tree is still up, you know your Mommy...I love a Christmas tree, and it smells so good. I have to say that thanks to Kiana's interest in the ornaments, most of them have been transferred to the uppper parts of the tree that she cannot the bottom looks kinda barren...but that's okay. It's outta there in another'll be a fire hazard by then. But it is sooo pretty!

I love you. Miss you. I'm glad you came down and can't wait until you come back. You won't believe how many new words Kiana has learned between the time you went back to OR and now, whew, she is articulating all sorts of things!

Mmmmmmmmmuah! Love, Mommy