Coming out of the Broom Closet

I'll be going back to San Diego for the first time since I've come out of the Broom Closet. I think it is very good for me and I plan to do a lot of witchy stuff with my daughter while I'm visiting. I'm slightly worried about how the family will take it, since I'm sure I'll be seeing all of them... Or at least most of 'em. I also plan to make it known that my daughter will be raised Pagan, and will be educated in all religions to the best of my ability, but that no one, myself included, will choose her religion for her.

Back when I was a kid, I had no choice but to be Christian. Even when my mom was dealing and stealing. Lying and being a hypocrite. I had to be "Christian". Hah! How do you choose someone's religion for them??? How do you have any right to tell someone that they're religion is not the "right" way to live? I mean, think about it... The point of every religion is to treat others with respect and love, right? "An ye harm none, do as ye will" "Love thy neighbor as thyself" They're all based on the golden rule, right? Treat others the way you want to be treated? So then what gives you, or me, or Billy Grahm (sp?) the right to tell others that their religion isn't right? I hear of Christians of all different followings bashing on Pagans of all different paths, and I even hear Pagans bashing Christians, though not to the same extent. Telling us we're going to hell, and things of that extent. Shoving Christianity down our throats...
I mean, don't get me wrong, I was raised Christian myself. I know what the Bible says. It tells you to share Jesus' teachings with others... IF THEY WANT TO LEARN!

Don't think I'm bashing on Christianity. I think that as far as religions go, it's just as good as any other. It saved my mother, and I'm grateful for that. That is what's important to me when any religion is concerned. It gives others a sense of having belief in something. A sense of safety. That's all some people need to make it through the day. A god to pray to. I'm happy with mine. You're happy with yours. Lets both be happy for each other for once.


harleyterry said...

You are a great daugther also, an old timer told me one time, if his neighbor got up on his roof everyday and crowed like a rooster, and he believed that made him a better man, good, but he would not join him up there, if thats his belief, so be it. I understand the god of your understanding. Enjoy your trip, and BTW don't forget your rubbers(smile)

Mommy said...

Hello, My Love~

Your first blog makes me sound horrible! I am the person who has been there for you most of your lifetime, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Actually, I'm the only person who has done that. And still do. First for three years and later for another almost two, I was caught up in my active addiction...ironic, since it was his drug use that brought my marriage to an end with your Dad, who later cleaned up for 17 years before he used again, and thank God is clean today. Also ironic that it has been when your Dad was using that he has been most attentive to you, and when he has been clean, not so much. I pray that with you both in a new place for a fresh start, that will change.

As your Mommy, I always want you to be happy, joyous, free and self-satisfied. I want you to embrace who YOU ARE. I would love it if your belief system were the same as my own. At the same time, I respect your right to believe in whatever gives you what you need. Of course, I pray that you return to Christianity (smiling), but I will neither judge nor condemn you for your spiritual choices. If you did not know that before, know it now.

I pray for you always. I want you to be happy, safe, secure, loved, cherished, respected and well. I want you to be in the best emotional, mental, and spiritual space that is available to you. Though I believe that this is available to you through Jesus, I do not believe in forcing my beliefs on any other person. I respect every person's right to choose their path, Honey Girl. By no means do I consider you evil or wicked. You are my child. I have lived for and would die for you.

I would encourage you to remember, that as you feel it was wrong for me to bring you up in MY religion, you might want to reconsider 'forcing' (as you refer to it) Kiana to be raised as a Wiccan. Also, as is evidenced by your Wiccan deal, nobody can be forced to believe anything. I did what I believed to be right...and your comment contradicts itself, you know what I mean? You say "I was raised Christian" as if that wasn't the way it should have been done, and then you say "Kiana will be raised Wiccan". Just a thought...the fact remains that as you are my daughter and I parented you to the best of my ability, she is your daughter and you must parent her to the best of your ability. By the way, when I was dealing, you took it upon yourself to get to church-remember?

I am very pleased with the person that you have become so far. You are loving, intelligent, loyal, great fun, fairly non-judgemental, you remain teachable (I hope!) you don't hold resentments for long(remember ...holding a resentment is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die). You are a lovely, pleasant, wonderful human being, and I am proud of you. Matter of fact, I'm proud of myself for any part I had in your becoming you.

My desire for you is that you live well, and that you are happy, and truly, that you continue to hold onto your dreams in regard to teaching music. No matter what your religious/spiritual choices are, I doubt that they include letting go of your dreams to follow someone else's plans for you. Again, as I believe what I believe, I have the desire to see you live a as a woman of God, a believer in His word...but Honey, I'm going to love you the same no matter what you believe.

I am so looking forward to your visit! I cannot WAIT to hug you and kiss you and fuss at you for making a mess in my house. LOL

Know that you are loved unconditionally and forever by your Mother. Take good care of yourself. You are a treasure.

Remember that every thing you do, anything that other people do to you, every negative and every positive that occurs in your life contributes to the person that you are. As your beliefs today are different from your beliefs of yesterday, your beliefs tomorrow may is about growth, evolution and balance within yourself. Some things will change while others will remain. Your life belongs to you, Sugar Plum.

Love, Mommy

P.S. HEY!!! DEALING okay, YES, I did it, and a lot of it...stealing? Never been a thief, my love! Never had to. And to this day, I do not regret the things I did-I regret any negative impact my behaviors and choices had on the people I love, and in that group, you are primary.