Year and a Day–Journal Entry One

Which do you prefer, reconstructionist or neopagan? Is there a specific tradition that you are drawn to?

I personally prefer neopagan practices. I find that for me, the reconstructionist religions are too strict, or structured. I am more interested in intuitive magick/witchery/etc. Part of what never felt right to me about being a Christian is that it was so structured. Neopaganism, is just something that you can do as it feels natural, you don’t have to follow what a priest tells you to do, or have a specific book you have to read, you read what interests you and do what feels good and what makes sense to you, and that just just feels more right to me that way.

I find myself pulled very strongly towards Hedge-Witchery, as well as the Poison Path, which is inconvenient, as they seem to be two of the paths that there’s not much information regarding. At the same time, it works well for me, and for what I want in life, because the fact that there’s very little information seems to me that it means there is very much flexibility, and the ability to build my path to the way that it suits me.

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