Year and a Day–Journal 3

What are your feelings on “black” magic? Write about your magical ethics system; do you believe in the law of return? Make sure to look back at this entry throughout the course and see if your views change.

Oh dear, black magick is a huge subject for me. I feel that magick itself can not truly be “black” or “evil” any more than any other energy is, and that is what magick is, energy. Energy that we put out into the world in order to change the world around us. Magick can not be evil any more than fire, or electricity can be evil.

My personal ethics system is kind of interesting, or at least, so I’ve been told, because while I don’t often do magick that will impose upon the will of someone else, I have done so before, if I feel my reasons are justified. For instance, while I would never do a spell to make someone hurt themselves, I will do a spell to help someone to get an alcohol problem under control. I don’t specifically believe in the rule of three, or the Law of Return, I do believe in treating others the way I want to be treated, and as such, I won’t do a spell which could possibly affect someone else’s life if I wouldn’t want someone to do the same spell if the tables were turned. While this sometimes bothers others, I feel that it works well for my intents and purposes and beliefs.

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