Year and a Day - Journal 2

How do you feel about the different categories of Wicca? Do you agree with the categories? If you are interested in Wicca, which category would you like to be a part of?

While I don’t disagree with any of the paths of Wicca, I personally do not find myself drawn to any of the Wiccan paths either. I read a lot about different paths of Wicca, particularly Dianic and Faery, but even those just did not strike me as right, although I liked the concept of both, at the time.  More and more often I found myself reading more about witchcraft and less about Wicca. While I do still read and own some books that are focused upon Wicca, I find that I’m more interested in Wicca as a resource for ways to practice than I actually am interested in the religion.

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