Beltane Three Card Reading

The Faerie’s Oracle

Past: The Faery Who Was Kissed By Pixies (R)
”Love given. Love received,. Metaphorical open-heart surgery.”
This card deals significantly with love and relationships. When reversed it signifies blocked love and blocked relationships. Which admittedly is something I am GREATLY guilty of, as of late. The feeling that I am surrounded by unintentional energy vampires (People who take and take and take and take without meaning to actually take? Those are the worst ones.) has caused me to give less and less. I retreated into myself, which I know I should not have done because I just don’t work that way. I enjoy my alone time, but being actually alone? It does bad things for me, which is why I recently started to reach out to others a bit more. I have a whole huge Heart Family, some of who live no more than 10 minutes away (at the MOST) who I haven’t seen in MONTHS.

Present: Spirit Dancer (R)
”Self Expression. Freedom. Exploration.”
Wow. Ok, yes. This goes hand in hand with The Faery Who Was Kissed By Pixies (R). I retreated into myself, and hid. New romances, new friendships, all have soured, due to my own ‘selfishness’. I decided to forgo all that was available to me because I was angry, and scared and needed to take care of myself.

Future: The Singers of Courage
”Bravery. Sublimation of Fear. Moral Strength.”
Wow. Ok cards. I get it. Don’t be afraid of love. Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok!

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