Beltane Eve 2012

Wow! What a holiday! I decided to celebrate from the day before Beltane starting at sunset until Saturday Night, the night of the full moon.  

Beltane Eve was spent creating a special Beltane incense which mean grinding grinding grinding. I pulled out my wooden mortar and pestle and my small food processor and a multitude of shot glasses and measuring spoons. I carefully ground out each ingredient, making sure it was just the right texture texture, then, each ground herb was placed into a shot glass to be measured out and then mixed up. It came out smelling delightful and really set the mood for the rest of the evening. There is one more ingredient I want to add, but, it seems to have been stolen away by the pixies (read: I was careless and lost it), hopefully I’ll find it soon and be able to powder and then add it. Once the incense was done, I put a coal on the stove and took a short break, letting the coal heat while I started working on my Beltane playlist. (Speaking of which, if you have any awesome songs to add to such a play list, please do let me know.) Once my coal was done I grabbed my cast iron pan and began burning my incense, which I found works better with an incense stove than putting the incense directly on the coal.  As I burned incense, I prepared the altar. I used a shimmery, gauzy, multicolored cloth as an altar cloth. I filled my green man cup and added a wine glass for an offering of mead. I also added a red apple cinnamon scented candle, a bowl for lose incense and a holder for stick incense, and the skull of a dear, to symbolize earth. In the center, I added dried flowers in different forms and a bowl, to fill with water and fresh flowers that I would put in the next day. Here is the final product. (Unfortunately you can’t see the bowl of incense on the front left corner.)


Tomorrow, I will add in some details of the day of, today, I’m off to the stone circle to enjoy the Maypole!

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Danielle Barlow said...

Sage Jay Crosby - you won the Beltane Hare! Would you email me ( and send me your address details so I can post it off. Thankyou xx Danielle