Recipes For Perusal From The Witch of Forest Grove

Food and Drink

Autumn Harvest Soup – Harvest/root soup.
Homemade AbsyntheAbsinthe-like liquor.
Herbal Tea ExperimentsTeas for illness. Elderberry Cinnamon Tea, Ginger Mint Tea, Dandelion Lemon Ginger, Lavender Lemon Herb, Lemon Herb.
Honey Lemon Rose Cake – Self Explanatory
Midwinter Mulled Mead – Self Explanatory
The Witch’s Magical Winter AdventureBacon Mushroom Stuffing.
Weeds for Witches Part III: DandelionDandelion Root Tea (Coffee Substitute), Dandelion Wine.

Home and Body Items

Spiritual Cleansing Carpet Sprinkle – Odor and pet hair and dander removing carpet powder.
New Witches’ Salves – Madea salve guidelines, Nine sacred herbs healing salve guidelines.
Wild Berry Shampoo – Making shampoo from Devil’s Club, Snow Berry, and Soap Berries

Magickal Items

Buying and Preparing Graveyard Dirt – Self Explanatory
Crafting Spell Candles – Self Explanatory
Magical Ink Making – Self Explanatory
New Pacific Northwest Kyphis – Guidelines on making Kyphi Incense
On Flying Ointments – Basic Salve Recipe

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