Learning Through Teaching

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve written here. My life was very magickal, very pagan, very witchy in that year, and things have gone very interestingly. I’ve made new friends, lost old friends, made discoveries about myself and my wife (You remember “The Boy”, I’m sure. Well, he is no more. The person still exists, and we are still together, married, and heavily in love, but, the person is no longer “he”, and instead, identifies as somewhere between androgyn and transfemale.) In addition, I have become ‘Mommy’, ‘Mama’, ‘Wolf Mama’, and ‘Mommy Sage’ to a group of people not much younger than I am, the youngest having just turned 18 in February. She is my little Wolf Girl. She is a big part of the post tonight.

Reading by candle light.One of my fae children came out from the East Coast to visit with us all for a week, us being the fae tribe we are, of course we had to have a bonfire/potluck celebration. Towards the end of the night, as I cuddled my three girls in my lap as we listened to Boy and Firebird play guitar and drum together, Wolf Girl mentions that she would like me to teach her. At the time, we laughed it off and that was the end of it.  Later that week, Eugene had a huge snow storm, resulting in about ten thousand people being without electricity, After two days without power, I started feeling more and more witchy. Communing with nature, reading my witchier books (even reading them aloud to The Woman and Bug, when appropriate), and dreams with clear messages. Of these messages, I came to two very strong opinions. One, being that I needed to show Bug more of what drives me, the other being that even though I have never felt I was ready to teach, because I want to learn more, my desire to learn more is what makes me ready to teach. So, when we got our power back, I wrote to Wolf Girl and told her that if she wanted to learn, Gaia seemed to be telling me it was time to teach. She accepted the offer and I began filling my head with information and trying to decide how and where I would start.

My BackyardOne of the things this new ultra witchy mood brought on was a desire to catch up with one of my favorite blogs, The Witch of Forest Grove. As I was catching up, I found a post of hers, talking about Darkness, Melatonin, and the Third Eye.

So perhaps if you want to develop your third eye and therefore your psychic or “supernatural” abilities, the best thing you can do is sit in darkness and absorb its very essence into yourself. ~Sarah Lawless

Why is this so interesting to me? Well, because all of this came about due to a snow storm which knocked my power out for four days. That’s four days without any artificial lighting.  Anyway, as I was getting myself back up to date on her blog, I realized that I knew where to start. With my own blog. Talking about my day to day magickal practices is a good way to help my Wolf learn her own day to day magick.

Now that I know where to start, well, I’m starting! Over the next few days, there will be a large amount of new posts, notes, recipes, change in layout, relabeling, etc. Can’t wait to get started!

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