I can't believe exactly how excited I am.  My skirt should be here soon, my earrings, anklet, and hair stick all got here today.  I've been thinking about wearing the hair pin tomorrow, just haven't decided, since I have to work. 

I walked with The Boy over to Koraschenko Gifts, which is the new mystic theme shop downtown.  Apparently they're not open on Mondays for some reason, which I don't quite understand, since everything else in this town is.  I don't work tomorrow until 5 PM, so I may just try and make it there tomorrow before work.  The owner said she had ordered some incense charcoal (the stuff you burn home-made incense on) and if I'm not confused, then she should have received it today.  I can't wait till I can start working on making some incense with the herbs The Boy and I have now. 

I also need to pick up an oil burner for the scented oil we bought last time we were there. 

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