Priscilla Hernandez

Will be performing both nights.  She's an "ethereal gothic singer-songwriter, composer and fantasy illustrator" from Barcelona, Spain.  She will be performing "The Fairy" from her debut album, called Ancient Shadows, on Good Faeries Day.  This will be her first performance at an American festival, which I must admit makes me feel pretty awesome that I'll be there. 

On Bad Faeries Night, she will be performing "The Ghost", also from Ancient Shadows.  I checked out her myspace and heard some great music.  You can also check some of her videos on her You Tube channel. 


Priscilla's My Space.  You can find all of her sites on her myspace, about halfway down the page on the left hand side.

I Steal The Leaves
Demo Reel

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Mommy said...

Hey Honey Girl,

Well, I'm no PAGAN (lol) but I'm glad that you're going to go out and do something special, and that you've picked yourself something pretty to wear. A girl needs to feel pretty and to be good to herself, treat herself to something fun once in a while. Have a fantastic time! I can't wait to hear all about it!
Love from your Mommy