The Litha 2012 Altar

I had a lovely time putting together my altar for Litha, as well as putting a few permanent pieces on the altar. Here are some photos!

Litha 2012 (2)Litha 2012 (1)

The Altar from the front and the top. I particularly like the view from the top because you can see nearly all of the different elements.

Litha 2012 (3)Litha 2012 (4)Litha 2012 (5)Litha 2012 (6)

The four corners:

North/Earth – Earth holds a deer skull that was found in the forest. A deer rib which was found in the different area of the same forest. A cat skull from my cat who was killed by a cougar, in my backyard as wel as some of her teeth. These are the permanent pieces for this corner. I also have a blue flower dish which holds Litha Incense.

East/Air – Holds a small frosted glass votive candle in the shape of a bird, which holds all of my feathers. A small blue and white dish which we use to burn loose or cone incense, both of which are permanent. There would have been a stick incense holder as well, with a faerie on the end, but, that one is out of commission and I was unable to glue it back together. It will be up there soon enough.

South/Fire – Is permanent home to a red cinnamon apple candle, a red inspiration candle, as well as a red fire element candle which is not pictured.  The Candle holder in the back glows a lovely yellow when used, which I thought would be a fantastic way to signify the sun.

West/Water – Has three shells, one large white one (in the back), one small one (in the front), and one much smaller snail shell in the front, as well as a small wooden bead. I’m not sure where it came from, but it still evokes water in my mind. I also keep a large glass and metal tankard which holds an offering of water. For Litha, I wanted another type of libation, so I poured a glass of lemonade and mixed it with mint mead.

Litha 2012 (7)Litha 2012 (8)

Center/Spirit – This is where I keep most of the seasonal goodies. In the center I have roses, and lavender, surrounded by rose petals, which is in turn surrounded by stones such as Agate, Fire Opal (my daughter’s ring), Citrine (my ring), Amber, Tiger’s Eye and others. I also have two cars from The Heart of Faerie Oracle deck. On the left is The Green Lady and on the right, The Green Man. In front of the flowers I have a small hand sculpted and painted Green and Blue Goddess statuette, which has a small silver sun propped up against her pregnant belly. None of these are permanent additions.

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