Energy Vampires, Friends Who Accept My Energy When I Offer It, and the Difference Between Them.

I realized tonight that I can often tell when a friend is having a rough time because before I even know what's going on, or who it's going on with,  I feel like I've been attacked by an energy vampire. I feel drained of energy, both emotionally and physically, and tonight is no different. What is different is that when I get attacked by the energy vamps, I feel so horribly negative, I almost want to cry. When I lose energy from being there from my friends, I feel like my heart is over flowing with love. Again, tonight is no different. 
I told you recently that you’ve been good for me. So many nights, our conversations have ended with me feeling blessed that I have people like you to converse with, people who allow me to share my energy with them when they need it, rather than forcing it from me. You are a remarkable person, and our talk tonight reminded me of how I felt years ago.  Just because it hasn’t been long, doesn’t mean you haven’t become an important person in my life. You’re welcome to my energy whenever you need it. Love you, be safe.

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