It's Here, It's Here!!!!!

Eep a squee!!! It's happened! October! It's here!  Falling golden orange and red leaves! Chilled winds!  Warm tea!  Pumpkins! Ohhhh how I love pumpkins!  Halloween!!!  Skies are bright blue today, not at all spooky, but there is a lovely chill in the air nipping at my fingers and toes.

I'm taking part in quite a few things this month and I still haven't decided which I'm most excited about.  As weird as it seems though, let's start with next month... or last month...  Well, here we go... 

In the middle of September I decided to take part in NaNoWriMo, which means in November I will be writing a novel.  Now, seeing as I have never written a novel, I decided that I maybe need a bit of practice... So I decided to take part in NaBloPoMo, which means a blog post every day.  Now in order to successfully write a 50,000 word novel in November I would have to write an average of 1667 words a day.  So I figure a 1667 word blog post every day would be good practice.  Of course, some days I probably won't make 1667 words, but still, practice is practice, right?  So of course that in and of itself is rather exciting!  Oh, and the fact that the theme this month is "Haunted" is fun too!!! 

Lets see, what else do we have here... OH! Post Spooky!  A Faery sweet friend of mine from COMF, Laume is hosting Post Spooky over on her blogs, Laume's Studio and Beach Treasure.  She's got some beautiful pictures floating around on those, I definitely suggest you check them out!  (She's also got the absolutely most adorable granddaughter ever!) 

In other blog news, we also have Mrs. B of Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom putting on her 2nd annual 31 days of Halloween!  Which means amazing guest posts (Today we had a post about One Sassy Girl's  love for Halloween), and fun giveaways.  Today my favorite give away is Witch's Flying Oil from Amy at Magical Muse Blog.  It looks wonderfully Halloweenish, doesn't it? Get ready to expect recipes, contests, and tons of fun. I didn't participate much last year, but followed her blog and read the posts and must admit, it was fun just reading and seeing what new things she had up! 

Of course, in October we also have Halloween/Samhain, which is considered by many the pagan new year, which you know... FUN!  Little miss Bug has already decided on her costume, and no, she didn't choose a princess or a fairy or anything amazingly girly and cute like I had hoped... she chose a skeleton. A lime green one at that. Or well, there's always next year right? As far as Mommy's costume... Ummmmmm... No clue. I'm thinking about just reworking one of my FaerieWorlds costumes to be a tad bit warmer.  Seeing as the average high temp is 59° and the low is 39°, I'm thinking skimpy skirt may need some tights under it.

And probably the MOST important goings on for this month... Ki's 4th Birthday!  She's excited, mainly about the cake, it seems. The forecast says rain on party day, but we'll probably just let friends and family hang in the living room where it will be warm.  More on that this weekend. 

Hmmm... 551 words... need more next time!

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I love it! I love it!