A Very Special Day

Today is an amazingly special day.  It is mine and my fiance's anniversary.  Instead of talking about me and him though, I'm going to talk about my relationship with the first person I EVER wanted to marry... My Mommy! Having my anniversary and my mom's birthday on the same day is amazing to me.  Not because it's weird, but because I would not be the woman I am today without my mom, and without being the woman I am today, I would not have the family I have today. 
Ever since I was little, I've been a mama's girl.  At 17, I would still climb in bed with my mommy, because out of all the friends and family I've ever had, the only one who was there for everything was my mom.  My mom has taught me everything from an appreciation to music, by waking me up with Jackson 5 one day and Kid Rock the next, to knowing that your family should always come first. She passed on her low fertility, as well as the knowledge that a child is a blessing.  She passed on her lack of housekeeping skills as well as the knowledge that it is something that I as an individual need to learn.
But out of everything she taught me, everything I've learned from her, there is one lesson that will always stand out.  If I need to talk, whether it's because something's wrong, or because I want to be incredibly dorky, she's there.  And she's there because I'm her baby. Whether I'm 1 or 12 or 23, I will always be her baby girl.  And even if that's the only lesson I teach my daughter (though I hope it's not), I will teach her that.
So thank you Mommy, for raising me into the woman I've become, for all my wonderful characteristics, and even all my flaws, because you are the woman who taught me not to dwell on them and to work through them to better myself, for both myself, and my family.
Thank you for holding me from across the country, when I didn't know where that damn nurse was taking my brand new bundle of magick. 
Thank you for holding me from half a state away when I needed a friend and had none. 
Thank you for holding me from a state away when I needed a second mother for my daughter.
But most of all...
More than any other thing I can be thankful for...
Thank you for being my Mommy.
I love you Mom. Happy Birthday!

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Mommy said...

My beautiful, wonderful amazing daughter...this post is the best birthday gift ever. I know that I will read it often, it just made me feel incomprehensible, indescribable joy.

You are a wonderful daughter. I miss you every moment of every day. I can't even get too deep right here because I'm about to cry AGAIN, just thinking of you.

We are perfect in our imperfection. Life is about love, and we've got that. How much more blessed could we be?

Thank you Jasmine. I adore you.