A Truly Magickal Weekend

Good Faeries Day

I have finally gathered all my thoughts from FaerieWorlds to write about it a bit.  We got up and finished getting ready and then a friend of mine picked us up and took us to Quiet Camp, which, while drama free was not very quiet.  We pitched our tent (I've never been able to say that before now, haha) and got everything set up and hung out for a bit with some of the other Circle Of Merry Folk members and introduced ourselves. 

We headed up to Secret House Winery and picked up our wrist bands, guest bags (which had lotsa goodies!) and got inside.  We wandered around and saw some amazing vendors and listened to some excellent music.  The Wicker Men were up first.  We didn't pay intense attantion to them as we were walking around a bit, but I was definitely impressed.  After their set was finished, we were told to move everything out of the center area to prepare for a ritual.

We took part in a beautiful grounding ritual and then prepared for the Spiral Dance.  James tried to get out of it by saying he was going to hold our guest bags and just let me do it, but I talked him into trying it and he ended up having an amazing time.  He was so full of energy that I could see a very visible change in his expression.

Tricky Pixie was the next band.  They had a very Celtic rock type sound that took me by awe (by the way, check out Gypsy Fire or Hymn to Herne if you want to hear what I'm talking about).  Their music was moving and I've been chomping at the bit waiting to make up the extra money to buy their CD online. 

One of my absolute favorites was Trillian Green.  They are purely instrumental, with a flute, a cello, and percussion.  The flutist, Ben Klein, was an absolute treat.  He performed with many of the other bands and amazed me each and every time.  His ability to vocalize behind his music was true talent.  Their percussion was also amazing.  Tribal and deep.  The music made by these three was so full of power and energy as they played, I could feel it all through my body. 

There was also beautiful performance by Priscilla Hernandez, a gothic singer/song writer from Barcelona, Spain.  She had an absolutely beautiful voice, and her lyrics were incredibly poetic.  She had amazing artwork to go along with her set, all of which was her own.  She played the flute and keyboard also, but I was more impressed with her vocals than anything.  After she was done, Woodland played and was accompanied by the Froud Good Faeries Lightshow.

At the end of the night, there was an amazing fire dance performed with a wonderful story of the Birth of Fire. 

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