Faerie Worlds

The Boy and I are attending FaerieWorlds the first weekend of August.  It's a three day event, however we will only be attending the first and second.  I bought a pretty green skirt and I will wear a white blouse for the first day (Good Faeries Day) and my black corset the second day (Bad Faeries Day). 


I'll be paying close attention to assessing the area and atmosphere to see what they will be like, so that we can possibly bring Kiana next year.  There will be music, food and vendors, which I'm all very excited about (Especially Kan'Nal, who've I heard is an absolute treat to watch). 

A couple of pictures to give you a feel of who Kan'Nal is.

I'm also excited to see contact juggling by Chris Murdoch (luminous balls... hot guy... C'MON PEOPLE, WHAT ELSE DO YA NEED?) 


It will be my first time at a pagan fair, and I can't wait.  I told The Boy he doesn't have to dress up, but he wears earth tones and semi-hippie attire anyway, haha.  I'm planning on taking both my camera (what kind of person would I be if I didn't?) and a notepad so that I can tell everyone what it was like and show some pictures.  Twenty-two days to wait!

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