Women are From...

When I was younger, I thought the phrase Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus was just about the differences between men and women and how we seem to be alien to the other sex.  As I got more into the deities, I found that the phrase refers to the tendencies of men and women and how they refer to Mars and Venus.  And since today's Deity of the Day is Aphrodite (Venus, to the Romans) I'd do something sweet for my love.

James and I have been working, going to school, saving money, and trying to find a new place, but haven't found one yet. I've been putting him to work with at least a little something everyday while I work, if he doesn't have class, but today after work, I have something special planned. Shhhh! Don't tell.

By the way, mom... FORWARD THE DAMN PHONE ALREADY! 2 Days and counting!

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