Still Trying To Move

Well, after a ton of debate and deliberation, we turned down the studio we looked at the other day.  It was a great place, but I just couldn't in good conscience rent a place for that was to small for the three of us and give no one their own area when I could get a place for $25 more a month that was much bigger.  Because the bigger place is in a not so great area, we've decided that we'd go ahead and make plans to only be there for a few months to save money up for either a new apartment and then after 4 months, talk about wether we wanted to leave then, or stick it out for awhile and work our way up to getting money saved up for a house. 

The Boy's step dad has decided to give us his car for free, but we're not sure when that'll go down.  Either way, I'm going to work on finding out when that'll be happening and then we can make plans on when to move into the studio.

We went to good will today and spent $55 on two dining sets, which The Boy found and I love.  We also got a drink set, which is awesome and a nifty little decanter for him, as kind of a gift for graduating his bartending class, which he loves.  He's been sipping on some Magellan Gin for a few weeks now, which is awesome, because it's made with Iris (yes, the flower) and has a beautiful blue color.  When we got home he immediately went and washed his new toy and poured the rest of the Gin into it, and when I saw it in the fridge, I had to get some pix of it. 

He also poured me some absolutely gorgeous shots a few days ago that I had to take pictures of.

If you're wondering, that chess set the shots are sitting on is actually a checkers drinking game.  In the background, you can also see the black candle holder that The Boy's mom bought us.

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