Where Have I Been?

Still job hunting. I haven't heard from the liquor store yet, they were doing interviews until the middle of this past week, so I plan to stop by on Monday and see how things are going. I'll also be going and passing out more applications and resumes on Monday and see if I happen to get any kind of luck there.

My mom has decided that the job market out here, or lack thereof is a good reason to begin telling me again that I should just come home. I would come home, but it would kind of screw things up for James, as he won't be able to go to school, or make money. Once we get Kiana back up here, he'll be getting paid to watch her in his off time.

Speaking of Kiana, my mom sent some adorable picture of her and my cousin's newborn.

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She looks so serious, doesn't she? So focused and intent. It's funny, because I'm pretty sure that the first time I fed her, I looked exactly like that.

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