Oh Yea!

I totally forgot to mention this! I decided yesterday that along with searching for a job, reading blogs, and working with Photoshop, I am also going to be working more intently on my religion and spirituality. I've been working a bit with herbs, nothing to big, and yesterday I began my wand.

James and I went for a walk yesterday and I happened to pass by a branch. Now, this branch was nothing special, slightly cracked, stubs all over it, to be honest, it was a slightly ugly branch. I stripped the bark off and then under it the was a dark layer of skin, kinda... Forgive me, I'm not a tree scientist or anything like that, lol. Well, under the dark layer of skin, I found a nice light colored wood. I sanded it down and took a break about halfway through the sanding and went to sleep. I started back on it this morning. Stripping away the skin, and sanding, over and over until I had a good 16 inches of it roughly sanded. I did a little more sanding just to smooth out the rough edges, and then remembered reading somewhere that when making a wand, you should oil it. I can't remember why you should oil it, but I went ahead and did it anyway.

I think that so far, I'm only about 50% done with it, but I'm very happy with how it's going so far. Once it's finished, I'll post another blog and add some pictures, but not until I've beautified it.


Tara said...

wow.... please excuse my complete ignorance on such things but do you mean a wand like Harry Potter wand? I had no idea those were really used in real life! Like I said, I'm totally uninformed!

Jasmine said...

Yes, a magickal wand, and yes, they are used in real life, though not the way they are used in most movies/tv shows, etc. They are more symbolic and most Wiccans who use them use them to focus their energy on a specific target.

Tara said...

oh I had no idea! Thanks for the explanation!